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Halloween At Beauty Bliss - Product Tips & Tricks

Posted on Monday, 28 September 2020 - By Courtney

Halloween is the time of year where most people let their creativity run wild. Here at Beauty Bliss we know how overwhelming some of the products can be so we thought we would put together some tips and tricks for four of our most popular products.

Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex is a great beginners product for SFX looks. It can be used to create fake wounds, cuts, burns and even wrinkles for old age makeup. Before you grab your bottle and start covering yourself in it have a read of these tips and tricks. It may save you some time and help avoid wasting product.

Do a patch test

First and probably most importantly, do a patch test. Liquid latex can cause irritation on the skin and people can react to it so before you go and apply it all over your face apply a small amount on the inside of your wrist and a small amount on your neck just below your ear. This way if you do react then at least they are in small, easy to remove patches.

Use disposable sponges

Avoid using your favourite brushes and sponges with liquid latex. Liquid latex can be very hard to remove which is why I recommend using old brushes you don't want anymore or disposable sponges.

Shake it up!

Make sure you shake up your bottle of liquid latex before using it to ensure it is completely mixed. If you're going to be applying the liquid latex on your face, especially around your eyes, it’s a good idea to let your liquid latex breathe for a couple mins before applying it so the smell has a chance to dissipate. You can do this by pouring a little bit into a plastic bowl or cup and working out of that. Don’t leave your main bottle or jug open though, as it will shorten the shelf life of your liquid latex, possibly making it chunky and hard to work with.

Build layers

For some looks you may need to build the liquid latex up with a few layers. Putting latex over partially dried latex can sometimes create a sticky problem. When adding more layers, it’s important to let the first layer dry completely, then add a new layer with fresh, wet liquid latex. Adding a sponge full of partially setting liquid latex to your semi-dry work can create pulling between your work and your sponge, potentially tearing the liquid latex off your skin. Liquid latex can take about 5-10 minute to become completely dry but you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Removing liquid latex

Removing small amounts of liquid latex can be very easy, you simply peel it off. However, if you’ve used a lot of it over a large surface, peeling it off can be a painful. Water isn’t going to wash the latex away but scrubbing it with a soft face cloth and some warm, soapy water can help to loosen it, allowing you to peel it off much less painfully. You can always use small amounts of isopropyl myristate on a cotton bud to help remove it

Liquid latex will definitely pull at any hair on your body while you’re peeling it off so its definitely a good idea to shave the area first if possible. If you can’t shave that area you can always coat them with a tiny bit of oil or Vaseline to help the latex slide off more easily when removed. Keep in mind that liquid latex adheres best to clean, dry skin so don’t overdo it.

Spirit Gum

Want to stick something lightweight like some diamantes or even a moustache or beard to your face? Spirit Gum is your best option!

Make It Stick

The best way to get your item to stick to your face is apply a small amount of Spirit Gum to clean skin and a small amount to the item you are wanting to glue on. Once it has started going tacky, attach the two together and hold it until it feels like it has dried together.


Applying spirit gum is the easy part, removing it is where you have to be a little bit patient. I highly recommend getting Spirit Gum Remover it makes the entire process a bit easier.

Remember to cleanse and moisturise after removing. The remover is a chemical so you want to make sure there is no residue left on your skin.

You can even use Spirit Gum to adhere things like fake ears and noses to your face as long as they're lightweight pieces.


Supracolor is a cream make-up that has been hugely popular for Kryolan and is probably one of their most recognisable products after their TV Paint Sticks. The formula is well known for its opacity and colour range, not only skin toned colours aswell but it also has a large assortment of bright colours that can be used for face and body painting.

Customise Shades

Because it's a cream base it makes it easy to custom mix your own colours. Adding black or white to a shade means you can also lighten and darken shades with ease. It also blends incredible well so adding dimension with it is very easy.

Treat It Like A Cream

The easiest way to work with Supracolor is to work with it like you would a cream foundation. It can be applied over most types of primers to help with longevity but setting it with a translucent powder in a patting motion is the best way to set it and make it last. The moment you start sweeping over it with a brush you run the risk of ruining any line and blend work you may have done.

Wash It Off

Supracolor does require soap/cleanser and warm water to help remove it unlike its water based alternative - Aquacolor, which simply washes off with water.

Rainbow Shade Range

Supracolor is available in various size options, from single 8ml, 6 and 12 palettes, and also colour circles which give you basic colour schemes for specific looks.

Supracolor is so popular and has such a good reputation that it's even been used on stage shows like the "Cats" Musicals. I've also used it myself to paint characters on shows like Beauty and The Beast and The Phantom of the Opera.


If you've browsed the Halloween category you may have seen Aquacolor and Supracolour mentioned and you're probably wondering what the difference is. Aquacolor is a water activated paint, this means you use a wet brush or sponge to apply the product and it then dries down. The wetter your brush is the more diluted the colour will be and the dryer the brush is the more opaque the colour will be.

Aquacolor dries down meaning its great for things like face painting and body painting. Because its water activated though this can cause problems if your sweat, get caught in the rain or have a drink spilled on you (we've all been there). The moment it gets wet, it can run.

It can be a little tricky to layer different colours as a water activates the paint and so of course applying a colour with a wet brush activates the colour your painting over. Sometimes this is an effect people are after so picking the right product and techniques for face and body painting are very important.


Cinewax is slightly less popular medium compared to liquid latex because it can take a little bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, wax can give a more realistic look than liquid latex.

Avoid The Stick

Wax is a little trickier to work with because it can be sticky. A great way to get around this is applying a small amount of vaseline to your fingers/hands while you work with it. I've found using hands and fingers best when working with wax as the natural heat of them helps blend the product out and makes the wax more pliable too much heat though can make it sticky so don't play with it too much.

Keep It Small

Wax also works best on smaller areas with less muscle movement. The movement can cause the wax to crack and slide. I've found that applying a small amount of spirit gum before applying wax can help stop it from sliding, a light coating of spirit gum afterwards can help seal the edges down and prevent movement aswell.

Set It and Colour It!

Setting it with a bit of coloured face powder can help remove unnatural shine and help give it a fleshy colour. I've also found that using creams and liquids to add the dimension and gore in works best as they blend easier without the risk of moving your product underneath.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks that I've learnt over the years help you out with your Halloween adventures this year! Make sure you tag us in your Halloween looks on Instagram so we can see them (@beautyblissnz)!

Until next time,
Courtney xx

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