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Our Silver Bullet Favourites

Posted on Wednesday, 14 October 2020 - By Amelia

The products Silver Bullet have to offer are the hidden gems of hair styling tools. Not only are their products great value for money (often coming with some cute accessories) but they are really incredible products. This has made it a real challenge to pick only a few of my favourite products! The chosen tools are relatively unique and all leave you with flawless results after every use. If you are only just discovering the brand Silver Bullet, these are products I would recommend starting with. ~ Amelia

Keratin 230 Titanium Hair Straightner

The first styling tool is the Keratin 230 Titanium Hair Straightener with 25mm Gold Plates. Not only does this product come with the hair straightener, but you also get a storage pouch, paddle brush, styling comb, sectioning clips and a thermal heat protector mat. This makes it the perfect gift (to someone else or yourself) as it contains all the essential hair styling tools.

The heat of the Keratin 230 Hair Straightener is adjustable with the range being between 130°C to 230°C, making it great for all hair types. The Keratin 230 also has advanced heat technology, so it will heat up super quickly and evenly, perfect for people with busy lives (or those who love the extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning!). The straightener can being used to straighten, curl or wave hair, allowing you to create a range of styles while using the single product.

The floating titanium plates of this straightener glide through hair easily, so don't damage hair by tugging or pulling. As the name suggests, the Kertain 230 is ideal for those using permanent and keratin straightening systems, but is perfect for any hair type too. If you are after a new hair straightener and want value for money, this is the one worth trying!

XOXO Auto Hair Curler

The XOXO Auto Hair Curler makes me super excited! It has very advanced technology that basically curls your hair automatically so you don't even need to do a thing. It has revolutionised hair curling by giving you anyone who is a novice to an expert a head full of perfect, bouncing curls in a fraction of the time.

For someone who struggles with achieving the perfect curls like myself, this sounds like a curler that is too good to be true.
How it works is so simple. You place the curler at the top part of the hair you want to be curled, push a button and the internal ceramic barrel gently twirls a section of hair and holds for 8 seconds. After that, you release the hair and behold: the perfect curl every time! The other great thing about this process is that your curls will be consistent! No more hair with a mixture of waves and ringlets.

Like the Keratin 230, the heat on this curler is adjustable and heats up quickly, making it great for all hair types and those on the go. The XOXO Auto Hair Curler is a product that has innovative technology designed to make hair styling that much easier. If you someone who is not so confident when it comes to hair curling, want to give someone the curler of their dreams or are looking for products that cut down on your styling time, the XOXO Auto Hair Curler is the tool for you.

Silver Bullet Satin Dryer

With the Silver Bullet Satin Dryer, can achieve the luscious blow wave hair you only get at the salon especially when the dryer is used with the included concentrator nozzle. The design of the straightener is sleek, nice to hold and comes in 3 cute colours (perfect if you are into colour coordination).This dryer is powerful: it has 2000 watts and is powered by a long lasting AC motor. There are 3 different heat settings as well as a cool air function, again, making it great for all hair types. Hair drying has never been so quick, easy and safe for your hair.. It is truly one of the most effective hair dryers I have used.

TextureMax Professional Titanium Hair Crimper

My secret favourite product is the TextureMax Professional Titanium Hair Crimper. You have NEVER felt like you belonged more in the 80s than after using it. In saying that however, I truly believe crimped hair is making a comeback in 2020 - you heard it here first! After using my mother's hair crimper that is about 30 years and smells a little like burning smoke when used (not ideal), I had to look twice when I saw this product arrive at Beauty Bliss because never had I seen a mainstream trusted brand stock such an iron!
Crimping not only looks cool, but it also adds volume, height and texture to any hair type, assisted by the slim designed allowing you to crimp right at the roots. Because the heat is adjustable, you can go from extreme crimp-styling, to more soft subtle looks. This styler also has a digital face showing you the exact temperature the styling tool is at which is super helpful when switching between heats and to prevent unnecessary heat damage. Like most Silver Bullet, it heats up really quick and has long lasting results. The TextureMax Professional Titanium Hair Crimper is great for any dress up party (great with Halloween coming up), dancing alone in your room to singstar 80s or general, everyday use. It really can do it all!

This was just a taster into some of styling tools that Silver Bullet has to offer. I really would recommend looking into this brand as the products are great value, high quality and effective.

You can shop the full Silver Bullet range here:

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