Makeup Revolution delivers revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. A makeup revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundation and face products for all skin tones – from fair to dark, from yellow to pink tone – every shade has been covered, there is a shade and formulation for everyone at a price everyone can afford.

Conceal & Define Concealer Conceal & Define Concealer
Fast Base Stick Foundation Fast Base Stick Foundation
Satin Kiss Lipliner Satin Kiss Lipliner
1 review
$8.30 $6.23 AUD
Conceal & Define Supersize Conceal & Define Supersize
42 reviews
$13.86 $10.40 AUD
Brow Sculpt Kit Brow Sculpt Kit
3 reviews
$12.01 $9.01 AUD
Conceal & Hydrate Foundation Conceal & Hydrate Foundation
Satin Kiss Lipstick Satin Kiss Lipstick
Re-Loaded Palette - Velvet Rose Re-Loaded Palette - Velvet Rose
Brow Pomade Brow Pomade
20 reviews
$12.93 $9.70 AUD
Luxury Banana Powder Luxury Banana Powder
23 reviews
$13.86 $10.40 AUD
Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit
Conceal & Define Foundation Conceal & Define Foundation
Hydrate Primer
2 reviews
$12.01 $9.01 AUD
Lace Baking Powder Lace Baking Powder
18 reviews
$11.08 $8.31 AUD
Precious Stone Lip Topper Precious Stone Lip Topper
Re-Loaded Palette - Provocative
Ultra Contour Palette Ultra Contour Palette
43 reviews
$17.62 $13.22 AUD
Reloaded Marvellous Mattes Reloaded Marvellous Mattes
Forever Flawless Allure Eyeshadow Palette Forever Flawless Allure Eyeshadow Palette
Soph Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette Soph Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette
Loose Baking Powder Banana (Light) Loose Baking Powder Banana (Light)
Prime & Lock Eye Primer
3 reviews
$12.93 $9.70 AUD
Matte Base Powder Matte Base Powder
1 review
$7.37 - $8.30 $5.53 - $6.23
Glass Skin Primer Glass Skin Primer
1 review
$18.50 $13.88 AUD