Medik8 is an award-winning, global skincare brand. Medik8 products are designed, developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in their UK biotechnology research facility. Medik8 only makes professional-strength products with proven technologies. Medik8 products are specifically designed to target skin ageing, acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and dryness.

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Crystal Retinal™ Crystal Retinal™
2 reviews
$99 - $199
Surface Radiance Cleanse™ Surface Radiance Cleanse™
Press & Glow™ Press & Glow™
2 reviews
C-Tetra® Serum C-Tetra® Serum
Hydr8 B5™ Intense Hydr8 B5™ Intense
r-Retinoate® r-Retinoate®
r-Retinoate® Intense r-Retinoate® Intense
Hydr8 B5™ Serum Hydr8 B5™ Serum
Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil™ Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil™
Liquid Peptides™ Liquid Peptides™
Advanced Night Restore™ Advanced Night Restore™
1 review
Daily Refresh Balancing Toner™ Daily Refresh Balancing Toner™
Blemish SOS™ Blemish SOS™
Retinol Serum Retinol Serum
$99.95 - $112
Gentle Cleanse™ Gentle Cleanse™
Sleep Glycolic™ Sleep Glycolic™
Night Ritual Vitamin A™ Night Ritual Vitamin A™
Daily Radiance Vitamin C™ Daily Radiance Vitamin C™
1 review
C-Tetra® Cream C-Tetra® Cream
Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit™ Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit™
Blemish Control Pads™ Blemish Control Pads™
Clarifying Foam™ Clarifying Foam™
Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Masks Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Masks
Balance Moisturiser™ + Glycolic Acid Activator™ Balance Moisturiser™ + Glycolic Acid Activator™
Pore Cleanse Gel™ Intense Pore Cleanse Gel™ Intense
Clarity Peptides™ (Niacinamide) Clarity Peptides™ (Niacinamide)
C Tetra+ Intense® C Tetra+ Intense®
At Medik8, we truly understand skin. With a wealth of formulation experience and research insight at our fingertips, we wanted to create a place where you could inherit all of our skincare knowledge. Armed with the very best information, you can feel confident that you know exactly what you need to solve your skincare woes. Beauty Bliss are proud to be authorized stockists of this professional dermocosmetics range.