VELVET CONCEPTS is a new luxury brand with a focus on delivering flawless results and exceptional functionality. They, now and in the future, will be committed to beautiful products that enhance rather than overpower.
Abracadabra Creme Concealer Abracadabra Creme Concealer
Eye Gems Eye Gems
$25.03 $17.52 AUD
Cashmere Matte Liquid Lipstick Cashmere Matte Liquid Lipstick
Rouge Stick Rouge Stick
$36.16 $25.31 AUD
Glow Dome Glow Dome
1 review
$34.31 $24.01 AUD
Summer Skin Foundation Summer Skin Foundation
1 review
$72.32 $37.09 AUD
Luxe Lip Gloss Luxe Lip Gloss
F3 Sculpting Cheek Brush F3 Sculpting Cheek Brush
Plump And Define Pencil
Bronze Du Soleil Bronze Du Soleil
Velour Eye Pencil Velour Eye Pencil
Crème Chic Blush - Rose Crème Chic Blush - Rose
1 review
$53.78 $32.55 AUD
Abracadabra Under Eye Brightening Pen Abracadabra Under Eye Brightening Pen
F4 Foundation Creme Brush F4 Foundation Creme Brush
F2 Airbrush Effect Brush F2 Airbrush Effect Brush
Crème Chic Blush - Amaretto Crème Chic Blush - Amaretto
F1 Luxe Finishing Brush F1 Luxe Finishing Brush
E3 Brow Liner Angle Brush E3 Brow Liner Angle Brush
The Ultimate Primer The Ultimate Primer
Prime Light Primer Prime Light Primer
Flawless complexion, ground-breaking technology, active ingredients, stunning textures and the highest possible pigment quality to ensure that all who partake on the journey are immediately embodied in the sensuality of the experience.