Base makeup is the basis for creating a flawless look. We stock everything you need to achieve this with a host of primers, concealers, foundations, BB creams and colour correctors. We even have every other step covered with highlighters, blushes, bronzers and powders from a multitude of our handpicked brands.
Conceal & Define Concealer Conceal & Define Concealer
Magic Star Concealer Magic Star Concealer
41 reviews
$26.89 - $33.38 $20.17 - $25.04
Magic Star Luminous Setting Powder
Skin Frost Skin Frost
3 reviews
$45.43 $34.07 AUD
Prep Set Glow - Original Prep Set Glow - Original
Abracadabra Creme Concealer Abracadabra Creme Concealer
Prep Set Glow - Glow Prep Set Glow - Glow
Rouge Stick Rouge Stick
$36.16 $25.31 AUD
Glow Dome Glow Dome
1 review
$34.31 $24.01 AUD
Summer Skin Foundation Summer Skin Foundation
1 review
$72.32 $37.09 AUD
Sacred Earth Palette Sacred Earth Palette
Foundation Foundation
$58.41 AUD
Illuminator - Shine Illuminator - Shine
Bronze Du Soleil Bronze Du Soleil
$38.94 AUD
Illuminator - Glow Illuminator - Glow
Loose Translucent Powder
Fair Luminous Powder Fair Luminous Powder
Crème Chic Blush - Rose Crème Chic Blush - Rose
1 review
$53.78 $32.55 AUD
Abracadabra Under Eye Brightening Pen Abracadabra Under Eye Brightening Pen