Achieve a silky smooth base with our range of primer creams and balms. Fill in pores, gloss over uneven texture, and create a base that will have your makeup lasting longer and looking better than ever.
The Ultimate Primer The Ultimate Primer
High-Spreadability Fluid Primer
Hydrate Primer
2 reviews
$12.01 $9.01 AUD
Glass Skin Primer Glass Skin Primer
1 review
$18.50 $13.88 AUD
Pro Prep Primer Pro Prep Primer
18 reviews
$12.01 AUD
Colour Correct Primer
19 reviews
$19.47 AUD
Midas Touch Serum Primer Midas Touch Serum Primer
6 reviews
$18.50 AUD
Cya Later Pores
15 reviews
$18.45 AUD
Pore Primer
$13.86 $10.40 AUD
Airbrush Mineral Primer Airbrush Mineral Primer
1 review
$37.04 $27.78 AUD
Blemish Buster
11 reviews
$18.45 AUD
Makeup Primer Spritz Makeup Primer Spritz
1 review
$15.75 AUD
Time Balm Primer - Mini Time Balm Primer - Mini
1 review
$20.40 $13.80 AUD
Gold Anti-Wrinkle Makeup Base Gold Anti-Wrinkle Makeup Base
Primer Spray Primer Spray
Satin Makeup Base Satin Makeup Base
3 reviews
$24.99 AUD
Gold Elixir Priming Potion Gold Elixir Priming Potion
Pore Minimising Primer Pore Minimising Primer
Prime Light Primer Prime Light Primer
Makeup Primer Spray 118ml Makeup Primer Spray 118ml
Perfect Matt