Our selection of travel hairbrushes, detanglers, paddle and round brushes are suited to any and all hair types.
Mermade Wave Kit Mermade Wave Kit
Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Ceramic Vented Radial Brush
Oval Dressing Brush Oval Dressing Brush
1 review
$41.72 AUD
Tail Comb Tail Comb
$23.18 AUD
Natural Bristle Radial Brush Natural Bristle Radial Brush
Ceramic Paddle Brush
1 review
$46.31 AUD
Ceramic 35mm Round Brush
Ceramic 55mm Round Brush
1 review
$46.31 AUD
Round Brush 4
$130.20 AUD
Round Brush 3
$124.62 AUD
Round Brush 2
$119.04 AUD
Detangling Comb Detangling Comb
Wet Detangler - Black Wet Detangler - Black
13 reviews
$22.25 AUD
Original Detangler Pink
Wet Detangler - Mint Karma
Wet Detangler - Millennial Pale Pink Wet Detangler - Millennial Pale Pink
Fine & Fragile - Mint Violet Fine & Fragile - Mint Violet
Wet Detangler - Raspberry Rouge
Organic Rose Gold Swirl Detangler Organic Rose Gold Swirl Detangler
Original - Pink Cupid
Thick & Curly - Lilac Fondant Thick & Curly - Lilac Fondant
Backcombing Hairbrush Backcombing Hairbrush
2 reviews
$17.57 AUD
The Ultimate Finishing Brush - Black
Fine & Fragile - Pink Dawn Fine & Fragile - Pink Dawn