Beauty Bliss are authorized stockists of the world's best hair styling tools. Style your hair with ease with our selection of professional quality hair straighteners. A selection in models means there's something for everyone.
The Original Iron The Original Iron
10 reviews
$361.60 AUD
The Wide Iron The Wide Iron
9 reviews
$361.60 AUD
Original Styler Original Styler
16 reviews
$227.16 AUD
The Micro Iron The Micro Iron
1 review
$165.97 AUD
The Touch Iron The Touch Iron
Gold Styler Gold Styler
5 reviews
$301.33 AUD
Platinum+ Styler - White Platinum+ Styler - White
Mini Styler Mini Styler
$296.70 AUD
Fastlane Styler Fastlane Styler
Fastlane Envy Hair Straightener Fastlane Envy Hair Straightener
Mini Adventurist Flat Iron - Ultraviolet Mini Adventurist Flat Iron - Ultraviolet
Bestie Straightener Bestie Straightener
Mini Hair Straightener - Gold Mini Hair Straightener - Gold
Vibe Straightener Vibe Straightener
Black Luxe Travel Set
Mini Hair Straightener - Black Mini Hair Straightener - Black
Pink Luxe Travel Set Pink Luxe Travel Set